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Minutes of Annual Business Meeting

November 21, 2003, Miami, FL

2003 HCTD Business Meeting

Friday, November 21, 2003, 3:30-4:45 p.m.

Officers in Attendance:

Karen Lollar Co-Chair, Immediate Past President
Dennis Wignall and Tasha Van Horn Co-Chairs, President 2003
Lori Charron and D. J. Wallace Co-Chairs, Planning
Noemi Marin and Mary Wiemann Co-Chairs, Publications
Davis Foulger and Andrew Finn, Co-Chairs, Membership
Scott D’Urso Student Representative

Presidents’ Report

Tasha Van Horn called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

An agenda, the 2002 minutes, the divisions report to the legislative assembly, and a list of this year’s divisional panels and papers, was handed out and described.  An effort will be made to keep the officers reports short so that we can focus on the legislative report.

A motion to accept the minutes from last year’s meeting was made by Andy Finn and seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Dennis Wignall and Tasha Van Horn, President Co-Chairs, gave an overall report about the status of the Division, including an overview of our first year as a division.

Dennis and Tasha were then handed the mantle of Co-Chair Presidents for the coming year (2003-04), as well as stewardship of the remainder of the business meeting.

Program Report

J.D. Wallace and Lori Charron reported that for the 2003 convention, HCTD:

  • HCTD received a lot of quality papers this year!
  • 56 of 76 papers were accepted for presentation (74 %)
  • 12 of 20 panel proposals were accepted for presentation (60%)

Apologies were expressed for the delays in reporting acceptances. The new online paper process was broken. The evaluation technology worked but the scheduling and reporting technology did not. Things should be smoother this year.

Publication Report

Mary Wiemann and Noemi Marin reported that:

  • Two newsletters were produced and distributed (by e-mail) during the last year. The first went out in January, in advance of the February 15 convention deadline, and the second in October, in advance of the convention itself
  • Information about HCTD was also posted in NCA’s Spectra (December)
  • The 2004 conference is November 11-14 in Chicago
  • The deadline for submissions this year is February 16, 2004
  • We should consider the possibility of an online listing/distribution of accepted papers. A discussion followed but no decision was made.

Student Officers Report

Kirk Fong Kee and Steve Raines reported that:

  • They sent a letter to departments with graduate programs across the field encouraging graduate students to join HCTD and NCA.
  • They organized a student panel of papers this year.

Membership and Recruitment

Davis Foulger and Andy Finn reported that:

  • Flyers/membership applications  were made available at the conference in Miami, and distributed at some of the HCTD sessions.
  • Membership sign-up information is displayed prominently on the Division web site,

HCTD Officers for 2004

HCTC elects 2 officers each year to serve as Membership Co-Chairs. Then each year those two officers advance to become Publication Co-Chairs, then Program Co-Chairs, then President Co-Chairs, and finally, in year five, Past President Co-Chairs.

Scott D’Urso and Yun Xia were nominated and elected to serve as Membership Co-Chairs for the coming year.

Voting for Student Representative position also took place. Kerk Kee was nominated and elected to serve a second year. A second student Representative will be identified sometime after the convention.

Accordingly, the new HCTD Officers for 2004 are:

Dennis Wignall and Tasha Van Horn Immediate Past Presidents
Lori Charron and D. J. Wallace Co-Chairs, President 2003
Noemi Marin and Mary Wiemann Co-Chairs, Planning
Davis Foulger and Andrew Finn Co-Chairs, Publications
Scott D’Urso and Yun Xia Co-Chairs, Membership
Scott D’Urso Student Representative

Other Items of Business


HCTD gave awards for the Top Four papers to the following authors: Gwendolyn Costa, Mohan Dutta-Bergman, Mihaela Nocasian, and Yun Xia. Congrats - again!

The paper/panel reviewers were also thanked: A.J. Baltes, Ulla Bunz, Miki Crawford, Scott D'Urso, Andrew Finn, Davis Foulger, Clark Germann, Robert G. Howard, Karen Krupar, Noemi Marin, Rodney Marshall, Daniel McRoberts, Star Muir, Stephen Rains, Paul Scovell, Sheida Shirvani, Dennis Wignall, Keri Stephens, Mary Wiemann, Dennis Wignall. Thanks to all!

In addition, current officers were acknowledged for their efforts, particularly Lori Charron and J. D. Wallace, for putting together the 2003 convention program, and Tasha Van Horn and Dennis Wignall for their Presidential leadership all year.

Report from 11-19-03 NCA Legislative Assembly Business Meeting

  • Costs.  NCA is concerned about costs and is looking for ways to cut costs.
  • Increase in Dues:  An increase in dues was discussed at the pre-conference NCA Board meeting. An increase from $105 to $135 was proposed for the Regular membership category and increases were proposed for certain other categories of membership as well. The percentage increase would range from 9 to 15%. After a spirited discussion of such issues as the cost of the current web site arrangements and the Washington complex, the division voted to empower Karen Lollar and Dennis Wignall to represent HCTD on this issue at the post-conference NCA Board meeting. The group was essentially resigned to the passage of these increases.
  • NCA has apparently reached an exclusive agreement with our journal publisher with regards to the indexing of NCA journals.  Concern was expressed that this may restrict the visibility of communication scholarship.
  • Other proposed changes:
    • Electronic Balloting is being explored.
    • The association is contemplating starting a we-based communication magazine.
    • With the constitutional changes approved, bylaws changes are being contemplated. In such areas as dues and fees and site selection.
    • The committee on committees has been enlarged.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.

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January 28, 2003