Officer Nominations

Call for Nominations: NCA Human Communication and Technology Division

To Members of the Human Communication and Technology Division of NCA:

The Human Communication and Technology Division of NCA is soliciting officer nominations for this year’s ballot.   Our objective is to increase involvement in HCTD. Nominations will be presented to voting members who attend the business meeting at the 2008 San Diego convention (Fri, Nov 21 - 3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m., Manchester Grand Hyatt / Elizabeth D).

We are accepting nominations for the following leadership positions:  

Vice-Chair Elect - The following duties are representative of the Vice Chair Elect position: They will serve as editor, producer and distributor of the Division newsletters. Four newsletters should be published annually. One newsletter will be produced following the annual convention focusing on updates from the meeting and the call for papers for the following year’s convention. Another newsletter will be produced prior to the annual convention and business meeting in November. Additional newsletters will be produced as needed during the year. The Vice Chairperson Elect will succeed to the Office of Vice Chairperson after serving the first year.  

Student Representative - The Student Representative position will be elected each year. This position is not tied to the regular procession of officer leadership. A Student Representative may be re-elected to this position. This position is to be held by a graduate student in the process of attaining either a master’s degree or doctorate. The duties of this position include the recruitment of new student members to the Division, coordinating and soliciting student manuscripts for the Division. Additionally, they may be asked to assist other officers as needed.   Nominees must be current members of HCTD  

If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) for a leadership position, please bring 20 to 30 copies of:  

  • Nominee’s name and e-mail address
  • A brief background statement that can be distributed to the voting members attending the San Diego HCTD business meeting.   This statement should include nominee’s name, highest degree earned, institution granting degree, current position and a brief background statement describing the nominee’s teaching and research experience. The nominee’s involvement with the Human Communication and Technology Division or with NCA would be a plus. 

At the completion of one year of service in the Vice-Chairperson Elect, Vice-Chairperson, and Chairperson position, each of these officers will succeed to the next office in the following order: Vice-Chairperson Elect to Vice-Chairperson; Vice Chairperson to Division Chairperson; Division Chairperson to Immediate Past Division Chairperson.

If you are unable to attend the business meeting, please forward the nominee's information to Nanette Hogg, by November 10, 2008.  Nominations will be accepted next year in Chicago for: Office of Secretary - will serve a two-year term with the following duties: Distribute minutes and agendas of the previous year’s business meeting at the annual business meeting. The Secretary will also take minutes at the current year’s business meeting. S/he will also work to increase membership in the Division and maintain membership lists. S/he will also assist other division officers as needed. This position is elected everyother year at the Division business meeting.