Human Communication & Technology Division Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 1 – Winter 2004-05

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Welcome to the

Human Communication and Technology Division

New Year s greetings to all HCTD members! We look forward to a healthy year in this division; we are clearly linked to the health of the discipline  theme for the 2005 NCA convention. Just as exercise and diet contribute to the health of individuals, exercise  and diet  have contributed to the health of this division.

The membership of HCTD has been exercising both individual and collective minds. The buff  intellects were seen in over 100 papers and panels submitted to the division. The strength of these submissions was evident in the programmed sessions that many of you attended in Chicago. We checked in on most of the sessions (since we had programmed them, we felt strong ownership) and found most of them well-attended. You also got to exercise your body as you ran out to the far reaches of the Hilton to the Stevens meeting rooms, where most of the HCTD sessions were scheduled. Exercise the mind and body.
The HCTD diet is balanced, too. Particularly interesting were the high turnouts for sessions that focused on both the human communication  and the technology  aspects of the division, such as VIRTUAL DIALOGUES: NEGOTIATING AFFILIATION AND CONTROL and PUTTING FORWARD THE SELF WITH TECHNOLOGY. Clearly, a balanced diet is appealing to the membership, and we believe it helps us attract new members. The last programmed session on Sunday was EXPLORING COMPETENCIES IN VIRTUAL CONTEXTS, which asked and answered some very important questions about competence, trust and motives in mediated situations.
We were also extremely gratified to see the huge attendance at the HCTD business meeting at NCA Friday afternoon. Thanks to SO MANY of you who came to do the work of the division. We were pleased to present certificates to the reviewers for 2004 HCTD. We presented TOP PAPER awards to Jennifer E. Good, Juliann Cortese, Mihye Seo, and Ioana Sipos  and a Top Student Paper award to Carlos Gustavo Godoy. We elected and now welcome the new officers, Ulla Bunz and Nanette Hogg, and the new student representatives, Dan McRoberts and Saman Talib. Thank all of you for serving the division.

We hope you are all busy exercising  getting those papers and panels ready to submit to NCA no later than February 16. Keep up the good diet, too, feeding your scholarship with high quality ingredients. We're sure you've had enough of this health analogy, so we sign off now with cheers to your health, the health of HCTD, and the health of the discipline.

----Noemi Marin and Mary Wiemann, co-chairs, HCTD, 2005


The Winter 2004/2005 edition of the online Newsletter offers a look at the state of our division, our "Drive for Five" membership drive, as well as introduce the newest division officers. Just use the navigation buttons to the left to look over the content. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Scott D'Urso or Yun Xia.

If not a member already, please consider joining the Human Communication and Technology Division. You may select HCTD as a membership affiliation when you join or renew membership in the National Communication Association. Logon to to renew your membership. You can also add HCTD to your current affiliations by going to our division website and clicking on the “"Click here to join HCTD" now!"” This additional affiliation is only $5. Please contact either Ulla Bunz or Nanette Hogg for more membership information.

The Human Communication and Technology Division does research on the theory, application, and pedagogy of various communication technologies, including computer-mediated communication systems and other means of technologically-mediated human communication. We welcome papers and panels that address the use of "new media" in interpersonal, group, classroom, organizational, community, mass communication and other contexts.


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